Monday, April 15, 2013

Dog Friendly Dublin

Things to do

Parks and Walks
Luckily Dublin has beaches that your dog will love. Portmarnack and Malahide beaches are good but there are some restrictions in the summer months. You can check out the info you need on the following website: ListofBeaches in Dublin

If you want to avoid the sand on the North side there is a nice walk way alone the sea wall where many people walk their dogs. For me it was an 'on lead walk' as there was lots of people running which my dog thinks is great fun...the runners however, do not. 

I tried a few places but as yet have not been successful in finding a bar that lets me in with the dog!

Places to Eat
Not guaranteed but a possibility... Read my review on Clontarf Castle and see the lovely comment the manager made. 
There seems to be lots of places that let dogs sit on the terrace but that's not really practical for most of the year!

Doggy Day Care I can not recommend this place highly enough. It was a fantastic find. My dog sitter let me down at the last minute and so I called them at 7am in the morning and they took the dog for me. It was really cleaned and friendly and there were people in with the dogs doing activities with them. She was put in a holding pen while the dog trainer/psychologist assessed her (This is normally done pre going into the first session so try and plan ahead) before she was put in with the other dogs and she came out really ready for a sleep. I put her there the second day and she loved it. They said they might give her some time out if she gets too tired but there was no way they would have been able to pull her away from the game of doggy football she was paying when I picked her up. Wonderful! I didn't use it but you can get the Luas from just outside into the centre of Dublin. 


B & B 
Ferryview B&B - Great Location and it is nice for walking the dog on the street opposite. However, read my tripadvisor review and judge for yourself! Ferryview Trip Advisor Review I went here because it was close to my family but I don't think I would stay again. 

Brookville in Blackrock is a great option. We stayed here at the last minute as we had to make an unexpected stop in Dublin for a funeral. There were great and they provided a lovely bed and blanket for the dog. This is very handy for the doggy day care if you want to make a day of it and leave the dog to have some fun.

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