Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm sitting with my cup of coffee wishing it was something stronger. Should that be a concern at 9am? I'm just back in from the morning walk and it all got a bit too much. We managed to get most of the walk in uneventfully and the new training technique was working rather well. We got to the home straight and it all started to unravel, very very quickly.
Farah ran off into the field and so after much calling she returned only to be distracted by the old man walking down the street.  I called her back and I could see the hesitation and so when she did come to me the only thing for me to do was put her on the lead.

This was a mistake but as she was being a bit wayward and I didn't trust that she wouldn't make a beeline for the man. Sensing the tension the the nice old man stopped to pass comment on how quiet she was that was her que to go mental.

I tried to shout over the frantic barking that we are still trying to train her and she can get a bit protective. He tried to tell me about his dog but then the most interesting thing happened. Charlie and Titch appeared. Now I like to watch the dynamics of this little threesome and it mirrors human behaviour so much it really makes me wonder.

Charlie is a big old English Sheep Dog and Titch is a little bitch, in more ways than one. We moved in next door with a younger model and Charlie's head got turned as they say. Titch does a lot of growling and barking at Farah and Charlie often comes and stands in between them to break it up, literally. Farah who has had her girl bits removed just wants to play and at 3 times her size seems to enjoy tormenting her. 

Today however was a bit different. There must have been something in her bark. Charlie and Titch, having just let this nice old man walk past them, were soon at her side and ready to turn on the old man and it's the first time I've heard Charlie bark, and can he bark. I'm use to the three of them but together they make a fierce trio. So I'm trying to calm them both down and give them a biscuit and Titch is by the gate, protecting the home, but watching the action. The poor old man shuffles away and then a car comes along and has to do an emergency stop to avoid the on looking Titch. Suddenly caught in the middle Charlie runs back to protect his woman and all that's left to do is for the two men in the big silver mercedes to drive past laughing at my harassed state.

Sitting here recovering from my trauma I get to thinking they aren't so unlike us. They can obviously communicate with each other, when they are scared, happy and when they think they might need help. They get jealous and protective. Charlie like most, sorry all men will show the young lay next door a bit too much attention. And Farah, like most single women, might not be interested in the old man next door sexually but it's always nice to have a big strong man around when you need them.