Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brandling Villa, Newcastle, UK - The Top Dog

I came across this post which is one on the list to try!

Now there is no need for the clientele of The Brandling Villa, Newcastle to leave their best friends behind when they go out for a drink.

The pub’s landlord has introduced a beer specially formulated for dogs, as well as a canine pub-grub menu in case the session leaves them feeling peckish. The must have dish on the menu is a Sunday roast served with ‘cat-flavoured’ gravy – don’t worry, it’s actually fish-based.

The dog beer is made from the same stuff as human beer – malt and hops – but it also contains meat extract.

Manager Dave Carr says he aims to create a traditional atmosphere with a modern twist, which includes encouraging owners to bring their pets.

“I scoped the internet looking for ridiculous stuff, and we became dog-friendly. There aren’t many pubs you can go to with your dog”, says Carr. “Dog friendly is really the way it should be. Pubs should have wooden floors and dogs in front of the fire.” He says that his customers seem to love the new idea and that his first supply of dog beer has sold out in no time.

How much would I like to see pubs like this in Ireland?

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